Eden Microtour Portable Mini Bass Amplifier Review

Eden Microtour Portable Mini Bass Amplifier Review

While Eden is a company that is well known for their bass musical gear, it’s quite rare that their product will be as small and portable as their MicroTour Portable Mini Bass Amplifier Is. Weighing only around two and a half pounds, this is an amplifier that you can take and enjoy practically anywhere. But what’s really cool about the Eden Microtour Portable Mini Bass Amplifier Review is that it also just so happens to be the most powerful bass amplifier in its class.

Who Is the Eden MicroTour Portable Mini Bass Amplifier For?

The Eden MicroTour is for musicians who need to amplify their sound while on the road or who perform constantly away from home. Musicians in this category need an amplifier that provides the best combination between power and portability. This is exactly what the Eden MicroTour provides. Think of it this way, you’ll have a larger and more powerful amplifier in your home for practice, but when you need to go places where normal amplifiers cannot go, the Eden MicroTour is what you take with you. It makes a perfect addition for when you’re performing on the road (in which case it can be easily stored in a touring suitcase) or in an office space.

Just How Portable is the Eden MicroTour?

The Eden MicroTour is easily one of the most portable amplifiers on the market. As we mentioned above, it weighs only two and a half pounds. In terms of its dimensions, total height is twelve inches with a width of just under five and a half inches and a diameter of just over three and a half inches.

How Powerful is the Eden MicroTour?

The Eden MicroTour is the best bass amp in its class of small and portable amplifiers. It can be powered with weight Double A batteries at a time, or a 15V adapter. The 15V adapter or the batteries are not included with the amplifier, so they will need to be purchased separately. You should always used the adapter in a play where you can connect to another source of power, but the batteries will suffice in places where no power is available. The good news about the adapters is that the MicroTour will accept just about any 15V adapter that is out on the market, so you shouldn’t encounter any issues in this department.

In terms of actual power output, Eden has manufactured the MicroTour to provide a musician with just over 2W of power. This may not seem like much when all amplifiers are taken into account, but for a small and compact amplifier that’s not over a foot tall, that figure is impressive. And not only does the MicroTour produce over 2W of power, but the actual sound it produces is of very high quality too. There will be no distortion or fuzz in the sound whatsoever.


In conclusion, the Eden MicroTour is the perfect miniature bass amplifier because it strikes just the right balance between portability and power. This is an amplifier that you can take with you literally anywhere such as on the road, in your hotel room, around the campfire, or even in your office for practice during lunch.