Rockman Bass Ace Headphone Amp Review

Rockman Bass Ace Headphone Amp Review

The Rockman Bass Ace Headphone Amplifier has been a popular product for many years, and now Dunlop has innovated the Rockman Ace even further to make it quieter, smaller, and improved all the way around. 

The circuitry in the amplifier has been improved, so that when you place the headphones into your ears and begin blasting away on your drum set or guitars, you’ll hear practically nothing going on in the outside of the world and thus will be able to focus exclusively on your music and your craft. 

In this article, we’ll cover the best features of the Rockman Bass Ace Headphone Amplifier and why it’s even better than before. 

Best Features Of The Rockman Ace

There are specific features of the Rockman Ace that you will definitely want to take into account. Examples of these features include volume control, a built-in compression, an auxiliary stereo input and output, and even the ability to route the auxiliary stereo output to a sound mixer for when you record. 

A pair of Rockman headphones are sold with the Ace, however, the adapter to connect the headphones to the amplifier is sold separately. 

Sound Quality

Of course, the sound quality is the probably the most important thing you want to hear about in regards to any headphone amplifier. The sound on the Rockman Ace is of the utmost quality, and designed to allow you to hear the complete range of your instrument and to hear it clearly. As we mentioned above, you’ll be able to absorb yourself completely in your music and your craft because you won’t hear anything going on outside. 

Build Quality

Of course, the build quality of the Rockman Ace is nothing short of superb. The Ace is comprised of a mono section, which connects directly to the amp simulator, and a stereo section. Since the Ace will be connected directly to your guitar, the sound will travel first through the amp simulator: first through the compressor (which as mentioned previously is built-in) and a distortion unit that you manage with controls on the outside to determine the specific type of sound that is emitted. 

After that, the sound will travel through the stereo section of the Ace. At this stage, the Ace will make two variants of the same sound signal: one sound will be based on the original sound, while the other sound will be the result of the signal encountering a short delay before it is released. The result is music that sounds unique and sweet to the ears, and also music that you influence the sound of thanks to the controls on the outside. 


In summary, the Rockman Bass Ace is one of the best bass amp headphone amplifiers currently available on the market. It features a number of cool features such as volume control, auxiliary stereo input and output, and a built-in compression, while also emitting sound of the utmost clarity thanks to the internal design of the amplifier.